Easy Methods to Help People Cultivate Compassion Daily

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Compassion aids us in connecting with other people, rebuilding relationships, and moving through life while supporting emotional well-being and intelligence. It is the embodiment of our good-natured will, the generous side within all of us. This trait is one of the reasons why it is necessary to help people cultivate compassion.

Compassion cultivation is an essential practice everyone to consider incorporating  into our   daily routine. Spontaneity and  jumping  will work for some people. Some research suggests that about 3% of  human beings are born as true altruists. 97% of us are born with a capacity to care and cultivate kindness and compassion. Most of us need to learn these skills and practice until these states of mind begin to arise  without effort. For most of us  these practices are best learned by taking things slowly and mindfully.

Many of us may seek to lead good and meaningful lives. However, as human beings we are imperfect and becoming a  true altruist is beyond most of us. Many of us find being present with suffering  is so painful that we learn to  disconnect and switch off. Some of us are born into families of communities where we are taught that abuse and cruelty are natural and normal.

Some of are taught that we must love everyone and as this is very challenging without lots of practice and training and so we may  develop “ burnout” or compassion fatigue. We may look at all the suffering around  us and think ouch this is too much for me to handle.  We look around and think there is  just too much pain and suffering in this world.

At BeCompassionateNL, we believe that for most of us it is best to start with a small step towards forming the habits needed for compassion cultivation. We view joining an 8 week course  this as being one step in this direction. With that said, we invite you to join us to learn and practice some easy methods to  cultivate compassion daily.

Why is Compassion Important for You and Others?

Before we go ahead and talk about the easy ways to cultivate compassion, let’s discuss why compassionate empathy is essential for you and others. But what exactly does compassion mean?

Compassion aids in alleviating another individual’s anguish through gentle displays of care, support, and acts of kindness. Compassionate empathy goes hand-in-hand with this particular trait but goes way beyond the thought and helps prepare us to act. It is about being there for other people. It is about understanding  and  sharing their emotional experience. It is about not judging others.

Compassion is all about being more attentive to reducing the suffering of other beings as well as our own suffering. We start by cultivating compassion for ourselves and our loved ones and then expand this to desire to decrease the suffering of others including neutral people and then those we find difficult and then we extend this wish to all beings. As we practice cultivating  compassion in our  lives we also learn to receive compassion. Over time this will become a mental outlook and, eventually, a lifestyle.

So, why is compassion so important? Because it helps you bring more kindness, happiness, and peace into your life and that of others. That said, it’s time to look at those easy methods to help people cultivate compassion.

Numerous Easy Methods to Help People Cultivate Compassion

Once you commit to adopting a life full of compassion, BeCompassionateNL can help you with our Compassion Cultivation Training services. Now, that’s just one way of cultivating compassion, and there are plenty more. Here are some easy ways that will help you walk the compassionate path:

1. Practice Self-Compassion First

Many of us have harsh inner voices that judge us, drag us down, and penalize us for our wrongdoings. It’ll be tough to be compassionate to others if such unkind personal critics plague you. We recommend practicing self-compassion by trying out our Christian Meditation here at BeCompassionateNL. It’s a one-hour mantra-based Meditation session that is free of charge, and our drop-in sessions take place via Zoom, so don’t be shy, reach out and ask for a link to join us.

2. Go Easy on Your Judgements

It’s best to go easy on our judgments if we want to live a life of compassion. The more we judge ourselves or others, incessantly focusing on the negative parts of others or life, we discipline our brains only to see what is wrong. Then, we increase our stress levels, which can cause fatigue, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, weaken the immune system, and worse, a stroke.

3. Tend to Your Needs via Self-Care

As a component of practicing self-compassion, we must devote some time to self-care. At times when was are very busy, we feel that we have no time for self-care. Our culture encourages us to work hard, keep calm and carry on. Many of us love machines and technology. Some of us are so habituated to being stressed that we have no clue how to relax. It can be very hard to practice self-discipline and make sure that we get enough sleep, move, stretch and eat well.

4. Learn to Put Yourself in Another Person’s Shoes

Life is a wonderful gift. This gift will always bring both joy and suffering. As we pay attention to everyone we become aware that everyone suffers at times. Remember to be kind to everybody because each of us is facing our challenges, and small gestures of kindness and compassion will always help.

5. Take Time to Heal the Traumas You Have

Trauma/suffering is complicated .If we do not  take the time to heal, we  may in turn cause suffering or trauma to others especially those close to us. To recover from traumas, you can seek out the aid of a skilled therapist, somatic healer and /or a trauma informed spiritual counselor. When we work to heal our suffering / trauma, we may find that compassion is a welcome by-product of healing.

Compassion Cultivation is vital for anyone seeking  to live life to the fullest and to create  peace and kindness for those we interact with. BeCompassionateNL is here to help whenever you choose to increase compassion in your life.

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