Kindness & Compassion Month

November 2021

We are celebrating kindness and compassion throughout the month of November, extending thoughtful and intentional acts of kindness and compassion for others beyond celebrations of World Kindness Day on November 13 and World Compassion Day on November 28.

We encourage you to celebrate by pledging to at least one intentional act of kindness for someone else in November, and invite you to share your acts of kindness with the BeCompassionateNL community.

Listen to Dr. Scully’s 2020 conversation about the importance of kindness with Gerri Lynn Mackey of VOCM here.

Celebrations & Planned Activities

Be Compassionate NL will be donating:

  • fleece blankets for use at vaccine clinics

  • soaps from Diana Boyd at Mudder’s Soap to small business owners and their staff

  • fleece blankets, beanies and soaps to First Light NL

*This list will continue to grow as we hear from you, our community, about your plans for this month of kindness and compassion!

Past Celebrations

Dr. Frances Scully shared cookies from Gingerly (baked and decorated by owner Jindra Maskova) with surprised security guards and other people she passed on World Kindness Day.

Principal Carolyn Stacey also shared the cookies with her students and staff, and presented hoodies designed by Allison Chislett, owner of IDesign Ltd., to students and staff at her school.

BeKindNL donated $500 to NL Eats, and $1,000 to the Jimmy-Pratt Foundation Inc.

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